Drive Control TM
For When You Need A Little More Self Control
Our Mission: Keep drivers distraction free on the road.

Some Statistics:
  • 35,000 American Teens have died in the past 5 years due to distracted driving – ( source )
  • That is 6,000 per year and 18 per day
  • 10% of all drivers under the age of 20 involved in fatal crashes were reported as distracted at the time of the crash. (Do
  • According to AT&T's Teen Driver Survey, 97% of teens agree that texting while driving is dangerous, yet 43% do it anyway.
  • 9 in 10 Teens expect a reply to a text or email within 5 minutes or less, this is a pressure on them to respond while driving.
  • If you text while driving, you are 23 times more likely to have an accident. (source)

Our goal is to make the world a safer place by helping drivers remain distraction free while driving. Drive Control does this by blocking incoming calls and hiding notifications while driving.

We hope that you will join us in our movement to remain distraction free while driving!
  • Block incoming calls and reply with automatic SMS while driving
  • Silence phone while driving
  • Missed call notification when driving is completed
  • Hide incoming notifications while driving
  • Remote activation and deactivation of app (Guardian to child driver)
  • Low battery use driving detection
  • Retrieve child driver location
  • Child driver to Guardian location send
  • View child driver history
  • White List phone numbers
  • Two week free trial
  • More to come!
Who should use Drive Control?


The parent/guardian mode of drive control is designed to be used by parents who want to make sure their children are being safe on the road. Parents have the ability to remotely activate and deactivate drive control for the children on their account, ping their children's location, and assign white listed phone numbers for themselves and their children that will get through even when drive control is activated. Parents are also notified when the driver starts and stops driving, also if the child began driving without starting Drive Control, and if they leave the app while driving.

Small Business Owners

If you are a small business owner with employees who drive company vehicles then Drive Control is for you. Business mode allows you make sure your employees are being safe on the road, and allows you to keep track of where your equipment is at all times. On top of this you get the same great features present in the Parent/Guardian package.


For even the most experienced drivers, distractions are everywhere. Drive Control for individuals gives you that little extra accountability and gentle reminders to keep you from being unsafe while driving. This mode silences your phone while driving and hides notifications while the car is in motion.

$.99 after the first year
$4.99 - $7.99 per month
Business Owners

Drive Control in the media.

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