Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Android Version

How does it work?

Drive Control works by silencing your phone, hiding notifications, and blocking incoming calls when "Driving Mode" is activated, helping you stay focused on driving.

I am still receiving notifications when I am driving, is this a bug?

This is actually a safety measure implemented by Android. If you are receiving notifications when driving mode is activated all you need to do is toggle your notification access settings on your device. This setting can be found by navigating to Settings -> Sound and Notificaion -> Notification Access and toggling the access on that screen.

Does it work between Apple and Android Devices

Yes it does! Though, due to Apple's strict policy on notification access and general phone control it is not as fully featured as the Android version.

What actually happens when I click "Activate Driving Mode"

Driving Mode hides incoming notifications (To be released to you after driving is complete) silences your phone, and automatically hangs up incoming phone calls, the calls are then responded to with a text message.

What if there are phone numbers that I need to get through to me even if I am Driving?

We understand that Emergency situations arise and that there may be instances when phone calls need to be heard even if you are driving. For that we have our white list. The white list can be accessed by going to your settings bar and clicking "White Listed Numbers". The numbers you add to this list will bypass driving mode and will be audible when driving.

Will it drain my battery?

We are very conscious of your phone's battery life and in our tests Drive Control has not had a substantial impact on user's battery life.

Do you sell any of my data to third parties?

No, we do not sell any of our client's information

Can I talk to someone if my app isnt working?

Definitely! We love hearing from our customers, if you have any questions or comments email us at and we will respond within 24 hours!

I am an individual and I want to switch account types, can I do this?

Yes, for this though we request users to put in a change request to our developers, email us at :

If you have any other questions please email us at: